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E.g., 08-07-2020
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Boonie Stomp - Mt. Jumullong – Manglo Loop

Mar 31 Mt. Jumullong – Manglo Loop Medium 2 hours for 1.5 miles
We hike up to the large cross on top of the mountain next to Mt. Lamlam to enjoy fantastic views, continue on to the steep downhill slopes of the rain gauge trail. Bring: 2 quarts water, hiking boots, gloves, insect repellent, sun screen, sunglasses, lunch, and camera. Special conditions: Sword grass, rough rocks, and steep slopes.

Boonie Stomp - Moonie Stomp – Fintasa Falls

Mar 31 Moonie Stomp – Fintasa Falls Medium 3 hours for 2 miles
We hike steeply down to the Laolao River, climb the next ridge to enjoy the red clay hills, then visit Fintasa Falls. Bring: 2 quarts water, hiking shoes, swim suit, insect repellent, snack, and camera. Special conditions: Steep hills to climb and descend, sword grass, and possible muddy trail.

the Beach Ladies Night

Guam's Longest Running, and BEST ladies night ever. Guam's Craziest Thursday Night is happening only at the Beach Bar Guam's best beachfront bar and restaurant.

Chongka’ Games

Join us every Sunday in March for chongka’ games in celebration of Mes CHamoru. With origins in Africa, this shell-and-board game was first recorded in Guam in 1904 by a German commander, and believed to have been introduced to Guam as far back as the early 18th Century.

Electric Island Festival

Electronic Music has captured the World by storm over the past 10 years emerging from the underground to the forefront of today's pop culture revolution. The time has come again for Guam to emerge in to the Global electronic music movement. What was merely a concept 4 years ago is now the most anticipated event Guam has witnessed in recent years.

Boonie Stomp - Fadian Cove

Mar 24 Fadian Cove Difficult 3 hours for 1.5 miles
We descend to this scenic cove below the cliffs to swim and snorkel if the water is calm. Bring: 2 quarts water, hiking shoes, swim suit, snorkel gear, gloves, insect repellent, sun screen, lunch, and camera. Special conditions: A steep hill to descend and climb back up, hiking over rough sharp rocks, and possible rough surf.

Movies at the Museum

The Pacific Daily News, Guam Museum Foundation, and Guam Museum present “Movies at the Museum,” featuring “Megamind” on Friday, March 9th and “Trolls” on March 23rd. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets, and enjoy a family movie at the Guam Museum outdoor theater against the backdrop of Skinner Plaza. Concessions will be sold by the Guam Museum Foundation.