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E.g., 08-07-2020
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Boonie Stomp - Ague Cove

June  01     Ague Cove                                 Medium                   3 hours for 1 mile

We descend to a beautiful isolated cove ideal for jumping, swimming, snorkeling, and possible reef walking if the water is calm.      Bring:  2 quarts water, swim suit, snorkel gear, gloves, sun screen, insect repellent, lunch, and camera.      Special conditions: A steep slope to ascend and a few rough rocky trail areas.

21st Annual Taste of the Marianas

The 21st Annual Taste of the Marianas International Food Festival and Beer Garden will kick off on May 4, and continue every Saturday in May. This signature event has become a must-see for all visitors and residents and will feature various local and international cuisine, live entertainment, nightly competitions, and more. A top chef competition will feature chefs from all major resort hotels in The Marianas and the winner will be crowned the “Top Chef of The Marianas.” Join one of the largest events in The Marianas and spread the word!

P.S. Come hungry because there are tons of delicious foods offered at low prices and ALL must be tasted.

For more information, please contact the MVA at +1-670-664-3200.

Boonie Stomp - Attilong Acho to Sella Bay

May 25    Attilong Acho to Sella Bay        Difficult        4 hours for 3 miles

We hike down the narrow, open ridge, then over the two huge black rock hills with good views the whole way. We then head over gently rolling terrain to the coastline at the head of Cetti Bay, then north to Sella Bay for swimming and snorkeling. Bring 3 quarts water, good shoes, gloves, sun screen, insect repellent, lunch, camera, swimsuit, and snorkel gear. Special conditions: Very steep slopes, sword grass, little shade

2019 Governor’s Tournament of Champions

The 24th Annual Governor’s Tournament of Champions (TOC) will be held May 25-26 at Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort. The TOC is the most anticipated golf tournament in The Marianas and features top golfers from The Marianas, Micronesia, Japan, Korea, China and elsewhere. Competition is fierce in this 2-day tournament and there will be no room for mistakes. Put you’re A game on and come join us for a fun and exciting round of golf Show time is at 6:00 a.m. with shotgun time set for 7:00 a.m. on both days. Great prizes and awesome giveaways await eager golfers. To all you die-hard golfers, Do Not Miss Out!! You will regret it if you do.