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E.g., 06-29-2022
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Boonie Stomps - Umatac to Toguan Bay

April 23      Umatac to Toguan Bay      Medium      3 hours for 1.5 mile
This is our Earth Day cleanup hike. We enjoy this scenic coastal walk while cleaning up the coastline. At Toguan Bay, we can snorkel. This hike is free of charge.
Bring: 2 liters water, hiking shoes/clothes that can get week, snorkel gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, lunch, and camera.
Special conditions: Little shade, picking up trash, rough rocks, walking in sand

Boonie Stomps - Mt LamLam/Jumulong-Manglo

April 16     Mt LamLam/Jumulong-Manglo    Medium     4 hours for 3 miles
We hike up to the large cross on top of Jumulong-Manglo where we will have great 360° views and then head over to the tallest peak on Guam.
Bring: 2 quarts water, electrolytes, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent, lunch, and camera. Special conditions: Swordgrass, rough rocks, steep slopes, and little shade

Boonie Stomps - Togcha to First Beach

April 09    Togcha to First Beach    Difficult    4 hours for 4 miles
We explore the beautiful beaches of the eastern Guam passing by multiple WWII Japanese bunkers and snorkeling along the way.
Bring: 3 quarts water, electrolytes, clothes/hiking shoes that can get wet, snorkel gear, gloves, insect repellent, sunscreen, lunch, and camera Special conditions: No shade, walking in sand, long hike

Boonie Stomps - Nimitz Hill Caves

April 02     Nimitz Hill Caves      Medium      4 hours for 3 miles
We explore natural caves used by the Japanese during World War II, including the hospital cave and the corkscrew cave.
Bring: 2 quarts water, flashlight, gloves, insect repellent, swimsuit, lunch, and camera. Special conditions: Climbing and crawling in very narrow muddy cave passages.

Boonie Stomps - Mt. Sasalaguan to Mt. Finacresta

March 26   Mt. Sasalaguan to Mt. Finacresta   Very Very Difficult    5 hours for 4 mile
If you like outstanding views, steep uphill climbs, and high sword grass this hike is for you. We climb Guam’s southeastern most mountains to enjoy superb 360 views 
Bring: 4 quarts water, electrolytes, hiking shoes, gloves, sunscreen, lunch and snacks, and camera
Special conditions: Lots of sword grass, little shade, a lot of steep climbing, and a hard hike

Boonie Stomps - Attilong Acho to Sella

March 19   Attilong Acho to Sella    Difficult     4 hours for 3 miles
We hike down the narrow, open ridge, then over the two huge black rock hills with good views the whole way. We then head over to Sella Bay for swimming and snorkeling.
Bring: 3 quarts water, electrolytes, Clothes/hiking shoes that can get wet, swim suit, snorkel gear, gloves, sun screen, insect repellent, lunch, and camera.
Special conditions: very steep slopes, sword grass, and little shade