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E.g., 06-29-2023
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Boonie Stomps - Fintasa & Lao Lao

September 3      Fintasa & Lao Lao       Medium       2 miles
We journey to 2 cooling waterfalls in southeastern Guam. Enjoy swimming and waterfall showers at the scenic Fintasa Falls, then return to the original river crossing to head downstream to the open ledges, swim holes, and waterfalls of Laolao Falls.
Bring: 2 quarts water, hiking shoes, swimsuit, gloves, sun screen, lunch, and camera
Special Conditions: Some walking in water, fairly steep hills to climb and descend, sword grass.
Parking Location: 13.287430, 144.743071 (Roadside by Inarajan Middle School)

Boonie Stomps - Upper Imong

August 27    Upper Imong    Very Difficult    5 miles
We trek to a new waterfall along the Imong River. Heading up the rain gauge trail, we’ll turn south on the Southern mountains trail. Turning east, we’ll head steadily downhill through open savannah and sword grass to a long river cascade and an impressive multi tier waterfall.
Bring: 4 quarts water, hiking shoes, gloves, swim suit, sun screen, lunch and snacks, and camera.
Special Conditions: Possible mud, sword grass, steep slopes up and down, river walk and a long hike.
Parking Location: Google Maps or Apple Maps: 13.323499, 144.672544 (Southern Mountain Overlook)

Boonie Stomps - Bubulao Falls

August 20    Bubulao Falls     Difficult    4 miles
We hike down the Ugum River to a side stream to Bubulao Falls, then continue on to the top of Talofofo Falls, passing many falls, rapids, cascades, and swim holes on the river.
Bring: 2 quarts water, get wet shoes, gloves, sun screen, lunch and snacks, and camera. Bring a small blow up inner tube incase the water is deep we will drift down the river.
Special Conditions: Extensive walking in water, deep over head water, slippery rocks.
Parking Location: Google Maps or Apple Maps: 13.314785355588043, 144.73346513050413 (side of road)