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E.g., 08-09-2022
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Boonie Stomp - Attilong Acho

Feb 24 Attilong Acho Difficult 4 hours for 4 miles
We hike down a long narrow ridge with excellent views, then climb over the two volcanic black rock hills, Atillong Acho, to the coastline. 

Boonie Stomp - Southern Mountains to Ija

Feb 17 Southern Mountains to Ija Very Difficult 6 hours for 8 miles
We climb up Mt. Jumullong-Manglo to enjoy the views, descend steeply to the long open Southern Mountains trail, passing Mt. Bolanos and Ilichos to reach Atete, crossing over to Mt. Schroeder, and making the long steep downhill climb down the ridge to Ija. 

PATA Micronesia Chapter February 2018 Newsletter

The February 2018 Issue features upcoming PATA and Regional events with important dates, information regarding our newly launched websites, and other statistics. Additionally and most especially, the newsletter pays tribute to our dear friend and mentor, Dr. John Camacho Salas, who was instrumental in his contributions to the PATA Micronesia Chapter Organization. May he rest in peace†.

Boonie Stomp - Mt. Schroder to Inarajan

Feb 10 Mt. Schroder to Inarajan Very Difficult 5 hours for 6 miles
We hike up and over Mount Schroeder from Merizo, make the steep climb up the shoulder of Mt. Ilichos, hike up to reach Atete, and make the long trek over the southern badlands, with a short side trip to the falls, to reach Inarajan.

Boonie Stomp - Nimitz Caves

Feb 03 Nimitz Caves Medium 3 hours for 1 mile
We explore at least two natural caves from a significant battlefield of late July 1044, used by Japanese soldiers during the Liberation of Guam. 

HITA Talk: CHamoru Cultural Dance Performance and Lecture

Saturday, January 27, 2018 — 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. — Museum Indoor Theater
Join us this month for a CHamoru cultural dance performance, and learn about CHamoru cultural dance history, reconstructions and traditions by Master of CHamoru Dance, Frank Rabon.