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E.g., 01-27-2020
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Boonie Stomps - Upper Lonfit

Oct  26           Upper Lonfit            Difficult          5 hours for 4 miles
We hike to Upper Lonfit Falls, then continue to the upper reaches of the Lonfit River past an endless series of waterfalls and cascades, including swimming, jumping, a flume canyon, and a rope swing.     Bring: 3 quarts water, get wet shoes, gloves, sun screen, insect repellant, lunch and snacks, and a camera.     Special conditions: extensive walking in water, slippery rocks, steep slopes, mud, sword grass, mosquitoes, relentlessly uphill and slippery trail.

Boonie Stomps - Cetti 7 Falls

Oct  19           Cetti 7 Falls         Very Difficult         5 hours for 2 miles
We descend into the Cetti Valley and then climb up all 7 waterfalls using set ropes.  This requires good upper body strength to climb up to 60 vertical feet on slippery rock.    Bring: 3 quarts water, hiking shoes that can get wet, swimsuit, gloves, sun screen, insect repellent, lunch and snacks, and camera.      Special conditions: Steep slopes, sword grass, walking in water, and serious rope climbing. This stomp is for experienced boonie stompers.

Boonie Stomps - San Carlos Falls

Oct  12           San Carlos Falls           Very Medium           4 hours for 3 miles
We journey to a beautiful secluded waterfall in central Guam for swimming and pictures, then hike along a pristine jingle river to enjoy a second waterfall with jumping and swimming.    Bring: 3 quarts water, hiking shoes that can get wet, swimsuit, gloves, sun screen, insect repellent, lunch, and camera.    Special conditions: Steep slopes, walking in water, mud, rocky slippery river bottom, and climbing with a rope.

Boonie Stomps - Moonie Stomp – Mt Jumullong

Oct  12         Moonie Stomp – Mt Jumullong          Medium        3 hours for 2 miles
We hike uphill to one of the best view points on the island, stopping along the way to hopefully see a great sunset and maybe a green flash.  At the summit we’ll roast marshmallows, star gaze, and enjoy views of southern Guam by moonlight.     Bring: FLASHLIGHT, 1 quart water, good shoes, marshmallow stick.     Special conditions: steep slopes, mud, rocky trail in spots, uncertain footing in spots.

Boonie Stomps - Lower Sigua Falls

Oct  05             Lower Sigua Falls           Difficult           5 hours for 5 miles
We trek over the hills of central Guam to the island’s most iconic and picturesque waterfall, with the best swim hole on the island and good jumping and swimming.  We’ll also take the short side trip to Hidden Falls   Bring: 3 quarts water, good shoes, gloves, sun screen, sunglasses, insect repellent, lunch, and camera.      Special conditions: Sword grass, very steep slopes and ropes, little shade, and a long hike.