1ST PATA Micronesia Chapter Tri-Annual Meeting 2020 is POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


E.g., 06-02-2020
E.g., 06-02-2020
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Boonie Stomps - Taguon Bay to Umatac

Apr  25                   Taguon Bay to Umatac                  Easy                  2 hours for 1 mile
A great family and tot hike, a great beach dive/snorkel hike, and our annual cleanup hike. Because of the tides, we start at Toguan Bay and hike north to Umatac Bay. At both ends we clean up the beach. After the hike, Taguon Bay is a great place to swim, snorkel, and beach dive. Bring: 1 quart water, get wet shoes, swim suit, snorkel gear, sun screen, lunch, and camera. Special conditions: Some rough rocks and a small stream to cross.

Boonie Stomps - Brittney’s Falls

Apr  18                   Brittney’s Falls                  Very Difficult                  3 hours for 2 miles
We take a long, hard hike to a small waterfall with a deep swim hole below. Along the way are several interesting features, including the river crossing challenge, the swamp with its clean feet challenge, the gun location, and more sword grass than you ever want. Bring: 4 quarts water, hiking shoes, gloves, insect repellant, sunscreen, lunch and snacks, and camera. Special conditions: Lots of sword grass, a lot of climbing, a long steep exit, and a very long hike.

Boonie Stomps - Mt. Sasalaguan

Apr  11                   Mt. Sasalaguan                  Difficult                  5 hours for 4 miles
We go to hell and back! We hike to the magnificent views from the top of Mt. Sasalaguan. We climb steadily up the long eastern ridge leading to the mountain, climb very steeply up the sword grass wall, then continue on an easier grade to the summit. Bring: 2 quarts water, hiking shoes, swim suit, Flashlight, gloves, sun screen, insect repellent, lunch, and camera. Special conditions: Walking in cave water, walking over rough limestone rocks, and steep slopes.

Boonie Stomps - Attilong Acho to Sella

Apr  04                   Attilong Acho to Sella                  Difficult                  4 hours for 3 miles
We hike down the narrow, open ridge, then over the two huge black rock hills with good views the whole way. We then head over gently rolling terrain to the coastline at the head of Cetti Bay, then north to Sella Bay for swimming and snorkeling. Bring 3 quarts water, good shoes, gloves, sun screen, insect repellent, lunch, camera, swimsuit, and snorkel gear. Special conditions: Very steep slopes, sword grass, little shade

Boonie Stomps - MOONIE STOMP - Anao

Apr  04                   MOONIE STOMP - Anao                  Difficult                  3 hours for 2 miles
We hike out to the overlook for great viewsof the shoreline and cliffs, then descend down the cliff and over to Sherwood Forest for a fireside gathering to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. A short trip over to the push-suck cave is an option Bring: HEADLIGHT or flashlight, 2 quarts water, sturdy hiking shoes, gloves, and insect repellent. Special conditions: A steep hill to descend and climb, mosquitoes, and hiking over rough sharp rocks.